Conference Interactive Panel

H7P 86 Inches Interactive White Digital Board

Configuration 4G+32G

Android 8..0

Phone 5G sharing screen and PC wireless sharing screen

QR code scanned for sharing

Build-in 13MP camera with 6 array speakers

Double color pens

8M acoustic pickup for teleconference

Window system optional

65“/75"/86/100"/110" for option

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H7P 86 Inches Interactive White Digital Board

First, let us introduce interactive flat panels. Interactive flat panels (also often referred to as IFPs,

interactive flat panel displays, interactive touchscreen displays, or simply interactive displays)

are large touchscreen monitors with a built-in Android OS –and in almost way, they are a better

option than interactive whiteboards. IFPs provide flexibility and usability to help educators taking

their lesson plans to the next level, and the right option for you will depend on the unique goals

and dynamics of your classroom. It is designed specifically for the education. It is interested and

efficient with smart learning for the students or kids. It can support simultaneous touch points

max 20. It allows several students to write at the same time. It is 4K ultra-HD which can show high

resolution pictures and videos. It is also smart notebook for the teachers.

It also a good office equipment for enterprise.

It can be widelywidely used in  schools,Hospitals, government, enterprise and social institutions.

Deyuan technology is here to help you determine the best way forward. Interactive flat

panel displays can provide within classrooms of any grade level, with a specific focus on

the features and benefits of IFPs.

interactive digital board for teaching use original imported LED screen and 4MM anti-glare panel.

It can show ultra-high definition when you use LCD whiteboard.

Graphic recognition and infrared recognition of interactive touch screen TV

After meeting or training, you can take way the content on electronic digital board easily by scanning QR code.

The smart pen can be hold on magnetic holder after using the stylus.

It can support multi-persons writing at same with 20 points touching.

Whiteboard electronic smart board used Android 8.0 with configuration of DDR 4G+ROM 32G with 5G module

which is easily for screencast by phone, PC and tablet. You can also achieve bilateral controlling by PC wireless

screen transmitter which is useful tool for company.

OPS computer for smartboard projector

smart teaching board with built-in camera

Built-in 13MP camera 6 array speakers with 8M acoustic pickup will make teleconference more easily for

your team and your clients. Distance can't stop the meeting at all-in-one electronic white board.

How to choose the size of smartboard whiteboard? The digital board price is reasonable with high quality.

Size and packing size with loading quantity for 20G,40G and 40HQ containers.

Accessories list

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OEM and ODM orders are warmly welcome.

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