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Why Interactive Whiteboard will Replace the Traditional Whiteboard?

With the advancement of technology,people have more and more demand for electronice products,but the functional requirements of products are also getting higher and higer ,so many people start to choose tablet instead of ordinary whiteboard.

A whiteboard is a writing surface,usually made of white sheet metal material.Its function is the same as that of blackboard.It is an erasable writing tool, which is usually used for teaching and conference discussions.

Traditional whiteboard

Therefore, whiteboard versions are also emerging one after another. From ordinary whiteboards that become dirty, black, and difficult to wipe clean after a period of use, to glass whiteboards that are smooth and easy to erase, to whiteboards that are easy to install and save space, to electronic whiteboards that extend the writing space infinitely , the shape of the whiteboard has also developed with the development of science and technology, but everyone is not satisfied with these, and the operation is still very cumbersome.

The JAV conference panel integrates these advantages. It simplifies the complexity, "multi-machine in one", integrates various functions such as computer, projector, screen, electronic whiteboard, advertising machine, audio, etc., and can support multi-touch.

Interactive whiteboard

1. Display
Although the clarity of the whiteboard picture is not bad, it does not achieve very good results. The conference tablet can be used in any environment. Currently, the resolution of the conference tablet on the market can reach up to 4K, and the picture quality is more delicate, and the screen is still clear without pulling the curtains.

2. Writing
The JAV conference tablet includes all the writing functions of the electronic whiteboard. In addition, it can also make annotations, realize functions such as zooming in, zooming out, moving, and copying. It can also adjust the thickness and color of the pen, and the background color can also be changed at any time.

3. Equipment
Traditional electronic whiteboards need to be used with projectors, computers, etc. The installation and debugging process is relatively complicated, and the cost of post-maintenance is also relatively expensive.

The JAV conference panel integrates various equipment such as projector, whiteboard, TV, drawing board, audio, advertising machine, curtain, etc. It does not require complicated installation and debugging, and maintenance is also very simple.

For example, the JAV conference tablet that our company is using is simple and elegant, occupies a small area and is easy to move. Although the price is a little higher than that of the electronic whiteboard, from the perspective of style and taste, the comprehensive value brought by the conference tablet to the enterprise is definitely not low, which is also an important reason why the conference tablet is favored by users. .

As a new generation of conference tools, the conference tablet must have unique advantages. You may wish to learn more about it.

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